Retailers are looking for one single payment infrastructure that allows them to use the same solution in all their stores across Europe and beyond. And still have the freedom of choice to work with their preferred suppliers. PayPlaza has founded a payment gateway that does exactly that, we connect any terminal and any ECR “in the cloud” to all relevant local and international acquirers like EMS and support all relevant payments. We have implemented a great variety of terminals (of Ingenico, Datecs, ICP and Verifone), so that for every situation we can supply the right terminal. Because of our gateway in partnership with EMS an international retailer will be able to cut costs on all elements involved: less contracts, lower acquiring fees, better terminals prices and lower investment in the ECR solution. Because of the central reporting tools internal savings can also be achieved. We can help you build an interesting business case with a lower total cost of ownership for your payments. Just ask your EMS account manager how you can benefit!

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