Dynamic Currency Conversion

Easier payments and more conversion for your international customers with Dynamic Currency Conversion. More than 60% of consumers choose to pay in their own currency when they get the chance.

What is Dynamic Currency Conversion?

Your customer is more likely to complete a purchase when they know exactly how much they'll be paying. Foreign customers often have to calculate the price to their local currency buying internationally. With Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) you do the conversion for them. The final amount is shown in your customer's own currency. This process is transparent and makes the transaction easier for your customer. You get more out of the transaction too, because you also receive a share from the currency conversion.

Customers who pay with MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, or V PAY can use the DCC service. We offer DCC in cooperation with our partner, FEXCO. FEXCO takes care of the real-time currency conversion and converts the amount to Dollars, Yuans, Swiss Francs and several other currencies.

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The benefits of DCC

  • You make money on the transaction.
  • Increased payment convenience for your foreign customers.
  • Easy to activate.