The extra fees associated with the reversal of customer transactions (chargebacks) are a burden to all merchants. Not all chargebacks are legitimate. EMS helps you fight illegitimate chargebacks so you can avoid the associated fees and extra administrative burden.

The EMS Chargeback Team consists of specialists with extensive expertise in the rules and procedures relating to chargebacks. They assess chargeback requests and take action when needed. Our specialists will guide you properly and will take over the work, simplifying things for you.

The EMS Chargeback Team is ready to help!

We jump into action as soon as a chargeback request is received. We will give you instructions, manage the contact with the issuing bank and follow the process closely. In other words, you'll have the minimum to do. So easy!

The benefits of the EMS Chargeback Team

  • You are protected against illegitimate fees
  • Our specialists will take over the work
  • No extra costs for help from the EMS Chargeback Team


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