3D Secure - your protection against fraud

You prevent fees associated with fraudulent transactions by using 3D Secure in your webshop. With 3D Secure, customers are asked to enter a special password when performing a payment. The likelihood of fraud is minimal, which means that credit card companies protect you from chargeback requests resulting from fraud. The transaction costs are also lower.

Customers feel more secure in your webshop and will, therefore, return more frequently. 3D Secure gives your customers the personal data protection they need to shop easily.

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Your benefits

  • Payments are more secure and less expensive
  • A better reputation amongst your customers
  • Protection against fraud

Mastercard Securecode + Verified by VISA

Secure your customer data with PCI DSS

Costs are prevented by limiting the risks. That's what data security is all about. Customer data must be stored securely everywhere. Whether you have a webshop, a store, or both: You likely have customer data stored in your business. In your computer, or on paper. Fraudsters and (cyber) criminals will try to get their hands on the data in any way possible, so they can use and abuse it as they see fit. When your business experiences a ‘data leak’, you are also at risk of having to pay a significant fine. This fine will be on top of the reputation damage amongst your customers.


Start now with the PCI Protection Program to protect your business against fraud and cyber-crime:

  • Higher customer trust
  • Secure payments
  • Just € 49,95 per year

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