• EMS contactless fixed payment terminals

    Fixed terminals

    • Basic model
    • Pinpad
    • Accepts all payment mehods
    • Mobile payment with Apple Pay and Google Pay
    • Pinshield
    • Contactless payments
  • EMS contactless mobile payment terminal BT + GPRS

    Mobile terminals

    • GPRS incl. SIM
    • WiFi - 50 meters range
    • Contactless payments
    • Mobile payment with Apple Pay and Google Pay
    • Accepts all payment methods

Accept all common payment methods

Via EMS, you can accept all common payment methods for European, Asian and American consumers in your company.

Even if you do not purchase a payment terminal from EMS, we will be happy to help you serve your customers better with a wide range of payment methods.

Increasing turnover? Accept all debit & credit cards

You only pay transaction costs when you use the product!

Pin transactions € 0,06
Mastercard / Visa 2,25 %
American Express 1,90 %
Union Pay / JCB / Diners / Discover 2,95 %
Retour debit cards € 0,07
Retour credit cards Transaction rate
Minimal fee per creditcard transaction € 0,35

Additional terms

Online Reporting Tool My EMS FREE
One-time activation costs € 50,00
Monthly Service Fee € 4,95
Yearly PCI Compliance Fee € 49,95*
* This is mandatory if you accept credit cards remotely and enter the details manually on your payment terminal (e.g. hotels, car rental, florist) and if you are not yet PCI compliant. You'll have access to the online PCI Protection Program, which enables you to meet PCI requirements and keep your business safe. Our solution helps you to go through the PCI process and support you if necessary. You have to go through this programme every year.

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"Our challenge is to accept payments from all over Europe. EMS supports you in this."

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"We welcome international customers. That is why we accept PIN and credit cards via EMS."

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"The connection was quickly arranged and the turnover is quickly transferred to the account"

Logo Loetje

"Ease of payment is very important to us. EMS fits in perfectly with those demands."

iCT250 fixed payment terminal

  • PIN for 6 cents per transaction
  • Connected within 5 minutes
  • Insight into your transactions via My EMS
  • Professional helpdesk
  • Accepts all payment methods

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  • EMS contactless payment terminal iCT250

    Fixed payment terminal

    • Basic model
    • Accepts all payment methods
    • Mobile payment with Apple Pay and Google Pay
    • Pinshield
    • Contactless payments
  • EMS contactless payment terminal iCT250 - iPP350

    Fixed payment terminal + pinpad

    • Ideal counter solution
    • Pinshield
    • Contactless payments
    • Accepts all payment methods
  • iWL250 BT + GPRS mobile payment terminal

    BT GPRS terminal

    • Mobile payment terminal
    • SIM card connection
    • Contactless payments
    • Bluetooth as a base
    • GPRS as backup
  • WiFi terminal

    • Mobile payment terminal
    • Up to 50 meters range
    • Contactless payments
    • Catering, fairs