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Our rate structure is made up of 3 components, the Interchange Fee, the Scheme Fee and the Service Fee. If you opt for variable rates, your rates are not fixed and change regularly. It has been determined that payment service providers must report these fees separately to their customers for variable rates.

Interchange Fee

Interchange Fee icon

Costs that banks pay each other for the use of a payment card.

Scheme Fee

Scheme Fee icon

Fee for services e.g. Mastercard and Visa provide when executing a transaction.

Service Fee

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Charges for processing, security and reporting of the transaction.

In detail

Interchange Fee icon  Interchange Fee
Costs that the payee's payment service provider (EMS) pays to the payer's payment service provider. The amount of the Interchange Fee depends on the type of payment card (debit or credit, private or business), the country where the payment card was issued, the form of acceptance (physical store or online) and security technology. It has been established that there is a maximum to the amount of the weighted average Interchange Fee. For debit cards (pin payments) this is a maximum of 0.2% of the transaction amount. For credit cards, this is a maximum of 0.3% of the transaction amount.

Scheme Fee icon  Scheme Fee
Fees charged by the card company (such as Mastercard, Visa) to the payment service provider (EMS) for the services they provide when executing a transaction. The Scheme fees at EMS consist of the Cross Border Fee and the Assessment Fee. The Cross Border Fee is a fee that you pay when your customer pays with a credit card whose bank is not located in the Netherlands. The Assessment Fee is an amount that is deducted per credit card brand from the total achieved monthly turnover and is paid to the credit card associations.

Service Fee icon  Service Fee
EMS processes transactions for its customers and shares the transaction risk in the role of acquirer. EMS charges a fee for its services and risks. This fee is part of the total transaction costs.

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