Rates for your store, restaurant, etc.

Maestro accepteren Debit Mastercard

V-pay accepteren Visa Debit

Debit Domestic € 0,068
Debit International 1,50%

Bancontact € 0,15
American Express 1,90%
Mastercard accepterenVisa accepteren 2,25%
Union Pay accepterenJCB accepteren 2,95%
Diners Club accepterenDiscover accepteren 2,95%
  Depending on the payment card

Rates for your webshop

iDealiDeal QR € 0,25
Bancontact 1,40% + € 0,15
V PAY accepterenVisa Debit

Debit Domestic 1,40% + € 0,15
Debit International 1,50% + € 0,15

Maestro accepterenDebit Mastercard Debit Domestic 1,40% + € 0,15
Debit International 1,50% + € 0,15
Mastercard accepterenVisa accepteren 2,40% + € 0,15
Diners Club accepterenDiscover accepteren 2,85% + € 0,15
Payconiq accepteren € 0,25
SEPA credit transfer accepteren € 0,45
PayPal accepteren PayPal Fee + € 0,15
Klarna accepteren Klarna Fee + € 0,15
  Depending on the payment card
American Express American Express Fee + € 0,15
Riverty accepteren Riverty Fee + € 0,15

More insight into the cost structure? Choose variable rates.

Checkout the  variable rates overview

Additional terms

Monthly Service Fee for your store, restaurant etc. € 8,00
Monthly Service Fee for your webshop € 9,95
Online Reporting Tool My EMS FREE
Return transactions Maestro/ V PAY Equal to transaction fee
Refund fee for all other payment methods Equal to transaction fee
Minimum fee per creditcard transaction € 0,41
PCI Compliance Fee € 49,95*
* This is mandatory if you accept credit cards remotely and enter the details manually on your payment terminal (e.g. hotels, car rental, florist) and if you are not yet PCI compliant. You'll have access to the online PCI Protection Program, which enables you to meet PCI requirements and keep your business safe. Our solution helps you to go through the PCI process and support you if necessary. You have to go through this programme every year.

Frequently asked questions

How often are payouts done?

Payments are made on a daily basis. If necessary, payments can take place on a daily basis.

How does the request process work?

Your connection is activated after five working days.

What is a return payment?

Return payments are reversed debit transactions.

  • More conversion with all known payment methods
  • With My EMS insight into your turnover everywhere
  • Benefit from a very stable, secure payment platform

iDealiDEAL QRMastercard accepterenBancontactMaestro accepterenBancontact accepterenDiscover accepterenDiners Club accepterenVisa accepterenV-pay accepterenUnion Pay accepterenJCB accepterenKlarnaApple Pay accepteren PayPal accepterenAmerican Express

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