As a basis, Clover is an advanced payment system and with the push of a button it can be expanded into a complete cash register system. And thanks to the App Market, Clover is easy to enrich with smart apps to make all kinds of administrative actions smarter and more efficient. Clover is exclusively available in the Netherlands via EMS.

Choose the Clover that suits your business

  • Clover Flex

    Clover Flex

    Everything you need in one mobile device

    • Ready to use
    • 100% mobile
    • 24/7 Insight into your sales
  • Clover Mini

    Clover Mini

    Your compact and complete checkout solution

    • Small but powerful
    • Makes your company future-proof
    • Full focus on your figures

Clover Register Lite Software Plan

Register Lite Software Plan

Create a cash register system at the touch of a button and get immediate access to the following apps:

  • Contactless, mobile and cash payments
  • Staff management
  • Loyalty program
  • Inventory and order management
  • Product registration and discounts

Make your business smarter with apps

Clover comes standard with apps for streamlining and automating your inventory management, scheduling staff or registering appointments with your customers. In addition, Clover can be expanded with a modern loyalty system to continue to bind your loyal customers. And those are just a few examples of the apps that Clover offers, because thanks to the App Market, more and more relevant apps are being added to make your company even smarter.

Clover App Market

More turnover? Accept debit & credit cards

You only pay transaction costs when you use the payment method!

Pin transactions € 0,06
Mastercard / Visa 2,25 %
Apple Pay / Google Pay Payment card rate
Retour debit cards Transaction rate
Retour credit cards Transaction rate
Minimal fee per creditcard transaction € 0,35


MastercardMaestroVisaV PAYApple Pay accepteren

Additional terms

Online Reporting Tool My EMS FREE
One-time activation costs € 15,00
Monthly Service Fee € 4,95
Yearly PCI Compliance Fee € 49,95*
* This is mandatory if you accept credit cards remotely and enter the details manually on your payment terminal (e.g. hotels, car rental, florist) and if you are not yet PCI compliant. You'll have access to the online PCI Protection Program, which enables you to meet PCI requirements and keep your business safe. Our solution helps you to go through the PCI process and support you if necessary. You have to go through this programme every year.

Clover Mini & Flex alle-in-one payment system

The all-in-one payment system

  • Now temporarily with free cash register software

  • Cash register & payment terminal in one

  • Easily convert current cash register

  • More than 1 million sold worldwide

  • Professional help desk

MastercardMaestroVisaV PAYApple PayGoogle Pay

Be Clever. Go Clover

enter your details and make your business smarter.

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