The easier you make it for customers to use your online store, the more likely they are to complete a purchase. Offer flexible payment options with EMS Payment Links. Send the Payment Link to your customers after delivery, as payment reminders, to renew subscriptions and confirm bookings. They can be sent by email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, text and as a QR code.

Payment links suit different service models and can be used by retailers, restaurants, sports clubs and even , freelancers.

The benefits of flexible payment options

  • Increased convenience for your customers
  • Accept all major online payment methods
  • Payment through a secure payment page
  • The link works on all devices
  • The links are managed online through the e-Commerce Gateway

The EMS Payment Link is convenient for your customer and your business!

How do EMS Payment Links work?

EMS Payment Links are a service provided through the EMS e-Commerce Gateway. Once the Gateway has been activated, you can send EMS Payment Links.

Request the e-Commerce Gateway

Go to the EMS e-Commerce Gateway and create a payment link. To automatically include payment links, connect the e-Commerce Gateway to your online store, ERP or accounting software.

Once you have created the link, write a payment request, add the link and send it by email, WhatsApp, or as a text message.

Voorbeeld van de Payment in een e-Mail

The payment link redirects your customer to a pre-filled payment page where they can pay with their preferred online payment method.

Voorbeeld Payment Link betaalpagina

Check the status of payments in the EMS e-Commerce Gateway and My EMS online reporting tool.

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